Don’t forget that the number one way to get your pet returned if they should stray is for them to be wearing a Pet Identification Tag. It will tell the pet finder their name and their home phone number. So besure that the information on them is up to date.

At Best Friend Tags we use only aluminum blank tags. All tags are stamped (not engraved) with the information you provide. By stamping the tag with your information the mark is deeper and permanent. Engraving is not always deep enough and can be very hard to read after the tag has been on your pets collar for a while.

We offer a selection of styles and colors in both pet & dog tags and the military dog tag style. We also offer the medical alert tag for pets and people.
You can go here and choose you tag style.

If you have any questions you can always email or contact us direct by phone.

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Stamped Aluminum Pet & Dog Identification Tags